Liberal Matt Damon Plans To Leave US For Australia To Get Away From Trump

Drum roll, it would be ideal if you

The primary big name in Trump’s America to leave the states is … Matt Damon.

Damon is apparently getting together his family and making a beeline for Australia since he’s had enough of President Donald Trump and his organization.

The 47-year-old on-screen character supposedly bought another property in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph detailed in spite of the fact that the on-screen character is denying this is because of Trump.

A companion of the entertainer revealed to Page Six that Damon has been vocal about his dismay with Trump’s arrangements and that the move will have no impact on future tasks.

“Matt’s colloquialism the move won’t sway his work – as he will make a trip to any place his ventures are shooting,” guaranteed a source. “He’s additionally advising companions he needs to have a protected spot to bring up his children.”

As of late, Damon offered some remorseful remarks about the #MeToo development when he said claims should just be decided on the “range of conduct.” Whatever that implies.

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