Chuck Schumer Thought It Was Over – But Trump Just Dropped His Presidential Hammer: “Trouble Ahead”

It was only last week that Chuck Schumer called out members of the Supreme Court.

His words shocked many liberals and conservatives. It was something few could forgive.

et Democrats and their media dogs would like you to forget about it. Leave in last week’s news cycle, okay?

Sorry, folks, but that ain’t going to happen. Donald Trump is reminding everyone what ol’ Chucky did.

And what’s at stake.

Cryin’ Chuck Schumer said, “You will pay the price for this. You won’t know what HIT YOU.” That is far beyond simple rhetoric. That is a physical threat, or at least a threat that you better vote for us.” Trouble ahead!

Woah. President Trump quoted the shocking things Schumer said to the Supreme Court, including, “you will pay the price.”

Trump said this was “far beyond” the usual rhetoric we hear from politicians. The president labeled Schumer’s words as a “physical threat.”

Or, put another way, Schumer was pressuring Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to vote his way. A clear attempt, according to Trump, by Schumer to coerce the court.

Trump capped off this tweet with the ominous words, “Trouble ahead.”

The Democrats have tried to paper over Schumer’s words. But this is part of a long history of Democrats inciting violence against conservatives.

Then, we learn about leftists going after lawmakers, conservative speakers, and even everyday Americans.

Now, a U.S. senator is making direct threats to two Supreme Court justices. How can anyone look the other way?

President Trump promises trouble ahead for Schumer. We know that senators are seeking to censure the man. Perhaps other penalties are coming?

Maybe the Senate will fine him. Maybe this will launch an investigation.

Hey, if you or I said that to the SCOTUS, you know the FBI would have already been involved!

Even if you’re a New York Democrat, how can you support a politician when they go after our justices?

The consequences for Schumer just might be severe.

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